Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jump Start Your Sales

10 Amazing Ways To Jump Start Your Sales
by: Wesley Atkins

1. Find a strategic business partner. Look for ones that have the same objective. You can trade leads, share marketing info, sell package deals, etc.

2. Brand your name and business. You can easily do this by just writing articles and submitting them to e-zines or web sites for republishing.

3. Start an auction on your web site. The type of auction could be related to the theme of your site. You'll draw traffic from auctioneers and bidders.

4. Remember to take a little time out of your day or week to brainstorm. New ideas are usually the difference between success and failure.

5. Model other successful business or people. I'm not saying out right copy them, but practice some of the same habits that have made them succeed.

6. Take risks to improve your business. Sometimes businesses don't want to advertise unless it's free, sometimes you have to spend money to get results.

7. Include emotional words in your advertisements. Use ones like love, security, relief, freedom, happy,
satisfaction, fun, etc.

8. Ask people online to review your web site. You can use the comments you get to improve your web site or you may turn the reviewer into a customer.

9. Out source part of your workload. You'll save on most employee costs. You could out source your secretarial work, accounting, marketing, etc.

10. Combine a product and service together in a package deal. It could increase your sales. If you're selling a book, offer an hour of consulting with it.

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Wesley Atkins is the owner of - containing numerous web site marketing tips, articles, and reviews of marketing tools and software.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Financing and Refinancing Programs are Plentiful

Financing and Refinancing Programs are Plentiful
by: David Arnold Livingston

As cliché as it may sound, the “Money makes the world go round” adage still holds true. Especially nowadays when everything and anything tangible or intangible can be bought with one’s dollars, money is apparently of extreme importance. What if you want to buy a home or start your own business? How do you go about your financing endeavor? Read on for the best avenue that will “show you the money!”

Coupled with management and planning skills, financing is what will aid one in venturing into business if he/she wishes to make it grow and get the desired profit. Many financial institutions are offering various types of financing that may assist in tackling this matter.

To better understand the wide array of financing options for your money needs, here is a rundown of the types of financing that you can avail.

1. Revolving Line of Credit

This is the most usual and most low-cost kind of business loan for small and medium-sized businesses. A revolving line of credit will fund a company’s working capital. This working capital typically consists of the sum of present assets minus the present liabilities.

2. Non-Capital Goods Financing

This is a type of financing that is for short-term deals. These deals are with settlement terms of about a year or may be less for buying goods, i.e., construction materials, products, and other non-capital stuff.

3. Project Finance

Financial companies offers financing for projects that need longer than 5 years repayment terms. Depending on the predicted cash flows and kind of revenue that a project is about to generate, this kind of financing undergoes extensive analysis.

4. Capital Equipment Financing

Extension of funding plans is possible if one chooses this financing. As the transaction requires it to be, the extension can go from 1 to 10 years.

5. Subordinated Mezzanine Debt

This is one of the more expensive types of financing compared to revolving line of credit and term debt. Lenders usually ask for equity like warrants to add on their earnings from interests.

6. Equity Financing

This form of financing is for investors that are brave enough to face major risks that this kind of financing brings. But with that warning of a great risk comes the expectation of high returns on the part of the equity investor.

7. Piggyback Financing

This program caters to homebuyers who avoid the required mortgage insurance when the mortgage is in excess of the 80 percent of the purchase price. Two mortgages with possible varying costs are available for the borrower with this type of financing.

8. Creative Financing

This option is when the buyer of the house is with a third-party lending institution, i.e., a bank or a loan company.

9. Owner Financing

This is when the property owner or seller finances the buyer.

These are some of the most popular financing possibilities one can acquire for his/her business or any money-involving activity. What would further serve you best in your decision making on which to stick to is considering payment terms you can afford and the right timing when applying for the funding plan.

With the many options mentioned, you are more armed with the several financing choices that will help you pull it off with yourbusiness, home buying or any endeavor that requires financial aid.

About the author:
David Arnold Livingston is a business owner and entrepreneur with many years of finance experience.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Website Buying Guide Checklist

Website Buying Guide Checklist
by: Joel Walsh

Can you really get a website even without knowing anything about code, and without paying a fortune? Find out.

The days when websites were primarily distinguished by their code are long gone. Nowadays, the web is a true publishing medium that favors well thought-out ideas. You can get a professional-looking website online in minutes with many website building services and software. But what should you look for? What are the features you really need and which are just clutter?

Content Editing

Some website authoring software packages only allow you to entire plain, unformatted text. Some of them allow you to entire HTML tags. Others provide a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") interface with options for font, links, and image insertion much like a word processor's. Some will allow you to use more than one, or even all of these options so you have a choice on how you want to format your text.

Template Designs

Every website builder ever invented came with at least one or two templates for creating the graphical look of a website, so you don't have to design the look of the site yourself. But some packages have very large libraries of templates, some have only a few. Some will let you mix and match elements of the design templates, while others will lock you in to one setup.

Ecommerce Functions

Many ready-to-go websites created by website builder software feature built-in shopping carts. Some even come with credit card processing. This is of course necessary if you're going to be selling stuff direct online. But if you're not going to be selling anything, ecommerce functionalities may just complicate the administration of the site and pad the price for the software or service.

Blogging Functions

Blogs are "web logs," but blogging software involves more than just a simple online journal. Blogging technology allows you to send your new posts directly to subscribers via RSS, without them having to visit your site or receive an email from you. Still, unless you plan on updating your site regularly (at least once a month), your website's blog will just gather cobwebs.


Some hosted web authoring systems provide email accounts at no additional charge, while others do charge separately. Some web builder systems even come with modules for creating email newsletters.


It is very likely that you will encounter a technical difficulty at some point while owning your website. Make sure you know in advance of paying whether the company provides only paid support, and if any included support is over email, a web ticketing system, or the telephone.

Photo and Image Management

For many, if not most, people who want personal websites, displaying pictures online is a primary motivation, if not the only motivation. If you want to display pictures on your website, make sure to choose a website builder system that makes it easy to upload and publish images.

Renting vs. Owning

You can buy website authoring software upfront for a flat fee, or you can "rent;" i.e., pay a company every month to use a hosted service. The choice is up to you, but remember that the hosted service will likely charge you much more in the end: averaging around $20/month, hosted the typical hosted website builder will cost you $240/year--far more than most desktop software.

In short, you don't need to know how a website is coded to make one, any more than a book author needs to know about printing ink. Don't burden yourself with learning how to do web design. Having fun with your website starts with choosing a website builder software that will make it fun.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Online Video and Collectible Card Game

TM Media Group, Inc. to Exhibit New Online Video and Collectible Card Game, Street Cred(TM), at International Consumer Electronics Show

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- TM Media Group,
Inc. (Pink Sheets: TMMG) is pleased to announce that the Company will be
attending this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las
Vegas, Nevada. TM Media Group, Inc. will be exhibiting its new online video
and collectible card game, Street Cred (TM), at the Sands Expo and
Convention Center, offering the Company a vital opportunity to reach out to
industry professionals and joint marketing partners. The Company will also
have Manaj, daughter of Hip Hop pioneer Dr. Dre, make a public appearance
at this year's show. Manaj is the first rap artist signed to TM Media
Group, and also appears in Street Cred(TM). TM Media Group will showcase
its Street Cred(TM) game at booth #70835.

The International Consumer Electronics Show is the world's largest
annual tradeshow for consumer technology and America's largest annual
tradeshow of any kind. The event is held at various locations throughout
the city, including the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo and
Convention Center, and the Las Vegas Hilton, where over 2,000 exhibitors
will be showing off the latest in Electronic Gaming, Mobile Electronics,
Robotics, Retail Resources, and more.

"The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest venues for
electronic gaming in the world and we look forward to showcasing Street
Cred(TM) to a very large audience. We believe this year's show will be a
launch pad for a new era of online and collectible card games worldwide,"
stated Matt Harmon, CEO of TM Media Group, Inc.

Street Cred is the first and only online video and collectible card
game to incorporate urban motifs, settings, images and celebrities. The
marketing of Street Cred will follow a proven and successful model of
online game delivery with a collectable card game component. The Company
intends to continuously launch new online and offline add-on products
simultaneously. This course enables users to play the game online initially
as a free version with in-game advertising and then subsequently on a
subscription basis, as well as having the ability to purchase trading cards
in stores. TM Media's goal is to ensure a long product cycle for Street
Cred(TM) by creating add-ons and upgrades, as well as by establishing and
supporting organized tournaments and community based professional 'Street
Cred players.' Additionally, the Company intends to utilize and capitalize
on ancillary marketing opportunities by licensing celebrities for its card
imaging, as well as designing customized cards by top industry artists.

About TM Media Group: Based in Hollywood, California, TM Media Group,
Inc. develops and markets unique licensed entertainment, film, video game,
and music merchandise for specialty, mass retail and online distribution.
The Company, currently with three subsidiaries in the film, music and video
game industries, develops and produces products for filmed entertainment,
online and collectible card games, and web-based services. The Company has
signed a recording and film contract with Rap artist, Manaj, the daughter
of industry mogul Dr. Dre. Additionally, the Company owns the rights to a
diverse pool of media assets, including several films in various stages of
production, online gaming platforms, and collectible card games.

Safe Harbor Act: This release includes forward-looking statements made
pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995 that involves risks and uncertainties including, but not
limited to, the impact of competitive products, the ability to meet
customer demand, the ability to manage growth, acquisitions of technology,
equipment, or human resources, the effect of economic business conditions,
and the ability to attract and retain skilled personnel. The Company is not
obligated to revise or update any forward-looking statements in order to
reflect events or circumstances that may arise after the date of this

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How To Create A Successful Work at Home Business

How To Create A Successful Work at Home Business
by: Timothy Rohrer
Copyright 2005 Timothy Rohrer

Many people have tried or are currently trying to make money online today. Only a small percentage of these people have actually gone on to achieve enormous amounts of success. The reason for so many failures is that people simply do not know how to create a home based business or even where to start.

I am going to share with you the four things that the online Guru’s do not want you to know because if you did, they wouldn’t have a job anymore. The four areas of focus will be on finding a niche market, building income streams, affiliate programs and networking.

Finding a niche market is your number one priority when starting a home based business. This means that you will have to do a little research and find the products or services everyone is looking for. Contact people already successful with a home business and find out what they are selling and how they started. When I first started myself, I signed up to money making forums and contacted people already making a living working out of their homes. I was shocked to find that these people were very helpful and provided me with plenty of valuable resources.

Once you have found a niche market, go with it and stick with it. Its important not to give up if you fail the first time around, persistence is the key. Continue to diversify and research other programs that are a match for you. Do not rely on one program as a main source of income, rather seek out other opportunities and create multiple sources of streaming income.

Network marketing is a fast growing business online today and an extremely effective way to build a business fast. Whatever product, program or service you decide to go with, become an expert on the subject matter and build a network with other people that share a common interest. When you are able to network your business with other business partners, it is possible to quadruple your income in a very short period of time.

Resell your program, product or service. There are thousands of affiliates making millions of dollars today simply by reselling their programs online. Affiliate marketing is a fast growing online business and can be done by virtually anyone. There are plenty of affiliate programs available online that will offer commissions anywhere from 5% to 75% on each sale.

Building a home business requires dedication and persistence. Following these four simple steps will help anyone achieve there goals and the financial freedom they have been looking for.

About the author:
Tim Rohrer is an established writer and home business owner. Learn how Tim Rohrer created a succesful home business by visiting